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Virtual Model

Creating Virtual models to promote all our in-house brands using recent advertisement in GANs

Super Res

Increasing the Resolution of low quality images using GAN to fill the missing intermediate pixels


Learning Trends from various fashion platform and magazines to understand what goes well with what

2D to 3D

Converting all projects in catalogue to 3D models using images present in all Views for use in AR and VR

Fynd Trak

Video Survelliance analytics platform provide brands data like footfall counts, demography of users etc

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EraseBG allows you to remove an image background and make it transparent in just few clicks. You can also add a solid color or an image to the background. Erase BG extracts the objects in the frame and erases the background.

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GlamAR leverages the combined power of machine learning, neural networks, augmented reality and a plethora of makeup expertise! With almost inexhaustive options such as foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, hair for virtual makeup; customizing any look is now at your fingertips!

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Fynd Trak

Fynd Trak powers ecommerce-style analytics for physical spaces. Optimize staff, store and merchandise performance and derive benchmarks for retail businesses.

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The Potential of Open Source Projects

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Data Platform: Workbench

Developer-less Data and ML product suite. Build, automate and manage your business workflow at any scale.
Various features include: InstAPI:
  • Create API Instantly without Coding, Rest
  • API Scheduler
  • Data Explorer
  • Business Rules Engine.
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