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GlamAR — How we built a Real-time Try-on App

We recently released a product GlamAR...
By Neeraj Shukla
April 3,2019

Recommending Products that Look Similar

Up and Running Visual Similarity in just 20 minutes
By Anirudha Vishvakarma
March 14, 2019

How we Automated Content Cataloging

Our content meta prediction service uses...
By Pradeep Tiwari
Sep 5, 2017

Engineering Hyper Personalisation at Scale

How we build the new hyper-personalised...
By Vignesh Prajapati
Aug 27, 2017

Recommending Products that Look Similar

Engineering an Easy, Fast and Configurable...
By Anirudha Vishvakarma
Jan 02, 2019

Machine Learning Internship Challenge 2019

Work with Fynd’s Applied Machine Group...
By Gaurav Gola
Feb 14, 2019

My Machine Learning Internship at Fynd

The journey was an experience...
By Rishab Sharma
Mar 4, 2019

New Hyper-Personalised Shopping Experience

What started as a recommendation...
By Farooq Adam
Aug 3, 2017