The ML Fynd Team that make the magic happen

People behind the success

Who are we?

The Infra+ Team forms the backbone of engineering. We build reliable and scalable infrastructure for other engineering teams to build services on top of.

The Infra+ team sits at the centre of all other engineering teams and provides various abstractions for other teams to build and release reliable services which impact millions of users. To this end the team strives by these mantras

What we bring to the table?

We believe these mantras let us scale our impact to be larger than ourselves. To provide more concrete examples of projects the team has undertaken in the past.

What's next?

We are currently in the process of re-building our data infrastructure which will power a lot of real time data driven features on all our products as well as give all our teams a unified abstraction to analyze all our internal datasets

Fynd is growing quickly across a number of dimensions and this growth leads to many interesting challenges while we strive to become India's largest O2O fashion retail destination. The solutions that worked for us a year ago no longer do so, or work less effectively than they once did. The best practices and patterns we thought everyone knew are now growing and diverging depending on the use cases and applicability.

What this means is that now we have to tackle these challenges that are incredibly complex in nature, while “replacing the engine on the plane, while in flight”. All of our services must be up and running, yet we have to keep making progress in making the underlying systems more available, robust, extensible, secure and usable. We're just getting started.